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Main components and guides
The current release of BiblioTECH is version 8.9a, build number 1023
Please refer to the change log for details of what has been updated

  • The BiblioTECH Server consists of a 'Core' service and several optional 'Add-On' services. Most sites only require the Core service and, therefore, you will only need to download the Core Server Installer.
  • You should only install an Add-On Engine if you specifically need the functionality provided by that module.
  • Whenever a BiblioTECH Server is updated, during the Core Server installtion, any previously installed Add-On services will be uninstalled. If you were using an Add-On service you will need to reinstall it using the latest version of the corresponding installer after upgrading the Core Server.
  • If upgrading the BiblioTECH Server from a version older than 8.8S you may also need to manually reinstall each Client deployment (depending on which modules are loaded onto that computer).
Installer Executable
Installation Guide

BiblioTECH 'Core' Services

Needed for ALL installations

BiblioTECH b-PAC Service

These are only needed if you wish to integrate a Brother pBAC compatible label printer into the system.
Brother b-PAC Client Component Only

BiblioTECH WWW Engine

The Core Server already includes a WWW engine.
An additiona' WWW engine is only needed if the site requires additional WWW servers
ClickView File External Search Engine

Only needed if you wish to integrate ClickView records and you are using the file-based method.
DVC File External Search Engine

Only needed if you wish to integrate DVC records and you are using the file-based method.
LinksPlus File External Search Engine

Only needed if you wish to integrate LinksPlus Weblinks records and you are using the file-based method.
LinksPlus API External Search Engine

Only needed if you wish to integrate LinksPlus Weblinks records and you are using the API-based method.
Change log

# Web Search / Fields - adjusted to display Dewey, Barcode, and Library
# System Utilities / Libraries - rename library is now reflecting changes on resources
# Circulation / Send email - adjusted email body to show loans and reservations
+ Reports / adjusted to improve speed


# Circulation / History - information no longer hidden
# Patrons / Containers - adjusted search option to match results


+ Circulation - processing optimised to significally improve performance
+ Circulation / Loans - column headers no longer hidden behind grid
+ BT8_SVR - improve internal server clock for triggering events
+ System Utilities - restore no longer being held up by by low priority server worker threads


+ SCIS ZIP import - Updated for MARC 082a tags
+ Circulation - Updated Portable Stocktake
+ Reports - Updated reports by Letter and UserField


+ BT8_SVR - Numerous improvements and adjustments
+ BT8_DB - Updated database handling when data issues occur
+ SCIS API - Updated proxy support
- Resource Manager - Shopping List


# BT8_DB & BT8_SVR - Major changes - To overcome an issue with a Windows update
+ BT8_DB - Implemented an API whereby database operations can be managed more easily including provision of feedback during lengthy operations
+ System Utilities - Restore Page - Implemented improved feedback display during a Restore


# Search Issues with the search sort order resolved
# System Utilities Resource SCIS settings - z39.50 and SCISapi test buttons were displaying incorrect time taken
# System Utilities Search settings - Fixed Detail View settings not saving
# Resource Manager Acquisitions SCIS button now enabled
# Patron Manager Main grid - when selecting a range "Set Field Value" reporting an error
+ SCISapi Manager Utility Updated to latest build environment
+ SCISapi Service Updated to latest build environment (does NOT support pre-Server2016 or pre-Win10 versions of Windows)
+ All Optimised code in all modules.


# "Patron Manager & Server" When moving Patrons to new groups using the "Group Allocation" page, the change was not being refelected in Circulation immediately.


+ Patron Manager Updated Patron Import process - now will not add a record identified as multi-matched
+ Patron Manager Updated Bulk Photo Import process to enable it to identify incorrectly assigned file types (eg. internally PNG but named as a .JPG)
+ Server Updated Backup & Restore handling to improve peformance


+ Server When saving a configuration setting to the server, an interrupted connection could result in a corruption of the stored setting. The server has been updated to identify and remove such 'bad' settings.


# System When clicking an entry in a list, nothing appears to happen. (Circulation & other modules)


# Patron Manager During a Patron Import, the system would read the data file correctly but then fail during interpretation phase


+ Resources New option to edit directly in the grid or in single record view; See Options menu --> In Multi-Record Grid View, double-clicking a cell will ...
+ System Utilities New option to allow the enabling and disabling of log verbosity in each module (except Reports) by holding down the CTRL key when clicking the File menu
# SCIS API Gateway Not displaying correct information
# Resources Not correctly displaying dates in Single-Record view
# Search Incorrectly showing search results total on initial launch
# Circulation Fixed issue with password levels not being parsed properly
# Circulation Changed overdue invoice language and format to overdue notice


# Resources Fixed bug causing the module to freeze after a few actions (adding new records, deleting records, editing, etc.)


+ System Utilities Display all logs
# System Utilities Fixed Search log not recording properly
# Resources Fixed broken navigation keys
# Resources Fixed bulk cover image retrieval from the SCIS


+ bPAC Updated and expanded the options within the bPAC Service and Manager; you can now add multiple printers on different machines
+ Server Added new log verbosity options and changed the format of the log files
# Circulation Fixed the ability to edit Patron's details when logged in with a higher level password
# Circulation Fixed the ability to set the security options of different password levels
# All Fixed ability to install/upload new licence via .btk file
# Patrons Fixed incorect levels being displayed in the add or edit Patron dialog box
# Server Altered way barcode modes are changed to take effect in real time


+ All Embedded a NTP Server check into the BiblioTECH Server (see relevent page)
+ All Changed and simplified how Data and Image backups are saved and restored
+ All Updated calendar to include schools dates through 2025
+ All Implimented a SMTPS service with option to use the TLS protocol if needed
+ All SMTP service now sends HTML-encoded emails, allowing for formatted messages rather than just plain text
+ All Updated SCIS Subject authority import option to use new format
+ Server SCIS Cover Image Test Utility rewritten to use HTTPS instead
+ Server Included an automatic check to update clients' SCIS z39.50 settings to the domain
+ Patrons Can now show ALL Patrons in Group Allocation tab or just those NOT in a group as before
+ Resources Changed name of User Views to Custom Views to clarify function
+ Resources Added Option to start Single-Record view with the cursor in the ISBN field (for faster cataloguing from the SCIS)
+ Search Customise which columns are displayed
+ Search Save custom column widths/setup
+ Search Changed "All Fields" to "Searchable Fields" to clarify results processed
# All "Friendly Names" not being consistently displayed
# Server Fixed SMTP log file location
# Server Fixed SCIS API log file access error
# Server Updated relevent folder read/write permissions
# Menu Adjust "Local" Colour scheme freezing up
# Patrons Updating Group and Level details/settings now responds apropriately
# Patrons Will now check for Duplicate Groups and Levels, correcting if necessary
# Patrons Previously could add Groups with no name
# Patrons Bulk photo import now working with differnet delimiters, meaning _ character can be used. Please note the new delimiter is ~ and cannot be used in filenames
# Reports "Holdings - one Subject" giving HTTP 500 error
# Resources Cover images not being displayed in Single Record view correctly
# Resources Fixed issue with Containers "disappearing" from view
# Search Show/Hide Collections wasn't applying settings correctly
# Search Search by Admin ID wasn't displaying correct results
- All Editing in the grid
- Search Removed Search Multi-Line tick-box option as feature was deprecated in a previous version


+ bPAC Updated and expanded the options within the bPAC Service and Manager; you can now add multiple printers on different machines
# System Utilities Fixed an issue with Image backups
+ Resources Added an option to automatically update SCIS z39.50 settings to the new domain


+ bPAC Added option to enable or disable the Auto-Cutting of labels after printing
+ System Utilities Added more useful information to the Backup and Restore pages
+ All The new SCIS API was added as an alternative to z39.50, with new SCIS API Manager application included by default
+ Resources The Bulk Cover Image retrieval process was reworked and now provides more information
+ All A warning was added to the password window which displays if support is due to expire within 30 days
+ Search The ability to search via ISBN was added, as well as an ISBN column within Search
+ System Utilities Updated SCIS website link to newer domain
- System Utilities Removed the dinging sound that was played when running a Backup or Restore
# All Fixed incorrect versioning of add-on modules
# Patrons Importer had an issue when painting the screen


+ bPAC Updated and expanded the options within the bPAC Service and Manager; you can now add multiple printers on different machines
+ Resources Brother b-PAC Service reimplemented to allow for printing from multiple clients
# Circulation Fixed issue relating to Reservations


+ bPAC Updated and expanded the options within the bPAC Service and Manager; you can now add multiple printers on different machines
# Circulation Circulation Manager group select bug fix
# Patrons Patrons Manager navigation bug fix
# Resources File - Import - SCIS ZIP files (imports both catalogue records and images) fixed


# Resources Fixed issue with Reservations when dealing with multiple copies of a Resource
+ SMTP Subtitle field added


# Resources Rewrote cover image subsystem to convert all ISBNs to 13-digit .JPG variants before saving


+ Resources MARC import - now supports 520u & 856t fields


+ Search Ratings column to results page
# Server When retrieving a date & time value, the DB entry was being rounded, resulting in the display of similar date/time entries as the same value Note: the actual data was not affected, only the displayed values
? Resources "Mark by Subject & Tag"
# Resources Debug text showing on caption bar
# Resources Saving of "Tag" data
# Resources Navigation buttons (top-right) showing incorrect 'hint' text
+ Resources File - Import - SCIS ZIP files (imports both catalogue records and images)
+ Resources You can now "Select all MARKED records" within the Actions menu^
+ Resources Due to a change in Windows, some systems could not print to a Brother QL-570 label printer
+ Circulation Ability to select which library is being checked during Stocktake
# Circulation Enable/disable "Auto-Return" of resources
# Circulation After a timeout and entry of a valid password, the timeout gauge was not showing
# Patrons Import Utilities' TAB text not being displayed
# Reports Several non-existent report categories removed
# All QR Codes now display consistently throughout Resources, Utilities, and Search
# All To improve performance with large datasets the loader currently progressively slows down as the database gets larger


+ Resources Add "Add Tag" and "Add Subject" to Range Selection options
+ Reports Added support to enable a new report "Resources - Holdings by Lexile Range"
+ Reports Modified Report field value lists to display actually used entries rather than the complete list for User Managed Lists, there could be "used" entries that were not in the "full" list
# Circulation Handling of group "Max Loan Limit" not correct
# Barcodes Systems using AUTOZERO option not working


+ Server Modified start-up so that clients are able to connect more quickly after server restart


+ All - BiblioTECH now supports the generation and display of QR Codes
- The librarian can select from 'Detailed', 'URL only' or to disable their display
- Modules affected: Server, SysUtils, ResMgr, Search and WebSearch
+ Resources Updated SCIS retrieval to improve handling via additional Proxy systems
# Web Search Right-click was disabled - now active (i.e. allows Printing, etc)
# Server Installer The setup utility was including an older version of the "loader"
# Patrons Patron Import - mappings - was not accepting multiple field mappings to a single BT field
# All Loader modified to gain a significant speed improvement when converting from BTv7 datasets
# Circulation Handling of group "Max Loan Limit" not correct


# Server When checking for a reservation request where there were multiple reservations AND one copy was being 'held', it would report the incorrect patron as having the resource on reserve


# Server During start up, ensures that every record has a "creation" timestamp (if not, it is set to midnight at start of 1 Jan 2000) This could arise if data from another library system had been imported in BiblioTECH v7


# Server When looking up patrons by "group" AND the group name consisted of simple text (e.g. PA), people whose name started with that text (i.e. Paul ...) were also being returned
# Server SCIS Cover Image downloads not working with certain proxy systems, updated authentication options
# Server Improved handling of multiple concurrent Circulation requests
# Circulation When using the "Select Patron by Photograph", the panel could appear small on some monitors. It is now scaled to suit the screen dimensions.
# Circulation - During start-up, now only synchronises 'data' BAK files to the 'local' cache (Previously was synchronising all files in the server's 'backup' folder)
# Patrons When using 'range selection' to reassign patrons to a group, a space was not being inserted prior to the group name in the 'searchable' field
# Resources If the "main" library had been renamed, when adding/editing a record, it was not displayed in the Library drop-down list
# Resources "Range Select --> Move to Library" was not setting location field to same as library if the resource was 'in'
# Resources Container - Export was not including the Container Title
? Search Checked searching by Subject and Tag


# Circulation When backup completed, was not asking if a copy should be saved elsewhere
+ Client Improved client start-up "update" procedures to optimise performance and network utilisation
+ Server Included check for duplicate subject & tags during housekeeping (i.e. "case" variations of sane text)
+ Resources Container 'Export to File' minor formatting changes
+ Resources Subject & Tag Updater revamped


+ Server Improved handling of SCIS cover images
+ Resources Improved handling of Cover Images
# Search "Detail Page" - dates not displaying correctly
# All "Modules" menu was hesitating before dropping down
# Server "HOLD" requests not being finalised (from client it appeared to complete OK)
+ Server Updated SCIS z39.50 queries so they do specific "ISBN-Word-NoTruncation" searches (Previously 'keyword' searching which could result in multiple results)


# Reports Problem when processing 'date range' reports
+ Server Updated handling of BiblioTECH 'messaging system'


# Search When saving Search results to a TXT file, only the first few columns were being exported
+ Reports All reports reviewed with the aim of improving performance and standardising structure updated 'history' based reports to be Date-Range based


+ Resources Moved SCIS Cover Image retrieval from client to server
+ Server Add menu option "File - Check SCIS for Cover Image for Resources with an ISBN but no image" this fires a request to the server which performs the request as a background task
# Web Search Detail page not displaying all fields selected to be shown
+ Resources Add new menu option "Adjust which fields have drop downs" (cannot disable 'title' drop-down)


# All Licence Keys with an expiry after mid-April 2017 will not decode correctly.


# Server If a Resource was on loan and its 'library' was changed – the location was reset
# Server Search results not reflecting updated Subject or Tag entries
# Server Added "price" to the available fields in "Overdue Email" message content


+ Clients Changed application icon for each client module
# Circulation Modified Reservations Manager to improve performance at initial start-up
# Clients Updated handling of "cover" & "photo" image files to improve performance
+ Server Added function to have the server check SCIS for a cover image for resources with an ISBN but not having an image
+ Patrons & Circulation Updated photo handling to improve performance
+ Resources Added File menu option to request a SCIS Cover Image check


# Server All server operations reviewed to optimise memory usage and to maximise performance
# Server Backup & Restore operations given priority over other server tasks
+ Web Engine Updated start-up procedure to allow time for the Communications engine to fully start
+ Web Engine Installer now defaults WebEngine service to "Delayed Start" on systems that allow that option


# Server Improvement to the performance of server responses to "search" requests
# Patrons Following a Patron Import, the system was not immediately reindexing the updated patron records (these were being updated during over-night housekeeping)
# Resources When exiting the Spine Label print function, you could get a fault which re-occurred every second (caused by an internal timer which could trigger during the panel shutdown)


# Server Improvements to the performance of server operations
+ System Utilities Added a new page which allows the client to display & save log files. In particular, it allows the client to view the server's log file (previously not accessible from a client computer)


# Installers The installers were not processing "service" instructions correctly.
# Spine Labels The SpineLabel system was starting on the incorrect label


# Server At a small number of sites and under specific circumstances, the server "re-index" background task would not complete before the next task was triggered. This resulted in the server appearing overly busy and a 'memory leak' which could result in the server stopping unexpectedly after running for several hours.


+ All When loading a resource record, the Accession number was being cleared, resulting in a new record being created (rather than replacing the 'old' entry) when subsequently saved {NB. the problem was only introduced in [821]}


+ System Utilities Updated the Backup page to include the Date that a backup was generated (previously just displayed the name of the backups)
# Patrons When Deleting a Patron, a log message was being displayed instead of being written to the log file


+ All Changed internal structures to allow for unlimited number of Subjects/Tags per resource
+ All After a Restore, the server will now perform a full restart - forces processing of all housekeeping tasks
+ Resources Incorporated sub-modules into Resource Manager
+ Patrons Incorporated sub-modules into Patron Manager
+ Reports Updated affected reports to reflect subject/tag changes
+ Resources & Updated "KeyDelay" sub-system and added an Option menu item to allow user customisation
+ All Updated "Lookup List" handling - after a data change, the lists are immediately updated (ie. no delay in lookup results)
# Patron Import Modified so that invalid mappings are removed and if no valid mappings, the system will not let you proceed
+ Server Installer Updated:
- Now requires "admin" access
- Modified 'service' installation handling
- Incorporates a check for previous version and alerts user based on that version

BiblioTECH Support

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