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BiblioTech is designed to give sub-second response to most queries and provides an extremely sophisticated search and data retrieval technology for the user.

To achieve this, the BiblioTECH server software requires uninterrupted access to multiple fast CPUs, ample system memory and a responsive network connection. <br>A dedicated computer providing the server functionality is the ideal solution.

However, if you decide to proceed with the installation of the BiblioTECH Server within a virtual server environment, be sure to dedicate the necessary resources to the virtual machine.

  • at least two CPUs (preferrably 4)

  • 4 GB of RAM

  • clear access to a high-speed network adapter

  • at least 10 GB of high speed disk access

Care must be taken when installing other software on the same computer as the BiblioTECH server. This is especially true when working with virtualised environments. If several virtual machines are to be hosted on a single computer and, any of those are disk or network intensive, they may impact the performance of the BiblioTECH server.

Further, ensure the host computer has sufficient physical resources to allow all of the virtual machines dedicated resources. Do not over allocate.

At the BiblioTECH offices, we use virtual machines for almost all of our work. However, we have noted that performance can be adversely affected if you do not tune the virtual machine resources AND make careful decisions about which virtual machines are hosted on the same host computer.

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