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Updating BiblioTECH

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BiblioTECH is undergoing continual development with new versions being released regularly.
All updates (both major and minor versions) are included within the BiblioTECH Licence & Support Contract.

Before you start ...

  • Ensure that you have a licence that includes Support and that the Support has not expired
    (The BiblioTECH installer checks and will abort if Support has expired)

  • Download the latest Server SETUP installer and its Installation Guide

  • During the installation/upgrade of the 'core' server, any previously installed Add-Ons will be uninstalled.
    If you were using any Server Add-On modules, also download the relevant updated SETUP installer and its Installation Guide
    Only install a Server Add-On if you have a specific need for the features it provides)

Updating the BiblioTECH server ...

  • Copy the setup application(s) to the BiblioTECH server

  • Stop all BiblioTECH clients (on all computers)

  • Login into the server computer using an MS-Windows local computer administrative account

  • Using the Windows Service Manager, stop ALL BiblioTECH services
    (stop the BT8 Communications Service second last then the BT8 Database Service last)

  • Run the server setup – accept all default responses
    (During an update, the installer will check for a licence key with ‘current’ support – if not found, the installer will ask for a new key to be entered)

    If any server Add-On modules were installed, they will be uninstalled.

    When the server has been updated, the setup utility will start the services in order.
    As each service is started it will perform "house-keeping" as required. This can take a few minutes.

    When you are presented with the [Finish] button, the server has been updated - it is advisable to restart the BiblioTECH services. After the restart, the server will perform a full and comprehensive re-index of the data. This can take a few minutes.

If you did have BiblioTECH Server Add-On modules installed, you will need to run the setups for those

Updating a BiblioTECH Client
When a BiblioTECH Client connects to a BiblioTECH Server, it checks to see if there is an update available.
If so, it will automatically update itself.
Therefore, you do not need to run the update process on a client.

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