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While the process of conducting a Stocktake is detailed here, there are a number of questions that are commonly asked.

  • Can I use a 'memory' style barcode scanner to scan a block of resources ?
Yes - but definitely NOT recommended
BiblioTECH does support this style of barcode scanner but problems can arise if the system reports an error.
eg.  you scan a block of 500 resources, then process this data through BiblioTECH which reports that 5 of the barcodes were not recognised. As they are not recognised, you do not know the titles, therefore you have to visually recheck every resource barcode in the block to locate the items - a severe time waster.

Further, when scanning a resource using a computer connected to the BiblioTECH system, you get immediate feedback as to the details of the resource (you can check if it is the correct resource) and the system can report if the resource is not on the correct shelf. Both of these facilities are not active when using a 'memory' style scanner.

  • Do I need to 'mark' resources before scanning commences ?
No - you only need to 'mark' the resources to be analysed during the Analysis phase.
However, if you are conducting a Stocktake of a section of the catalogue, before commencing scanning, you need to know that you will be able to 'mark' that section when you get to the analysis phase.
Note : Delaying the 'marking' to be the first step in Analysis allows the use of 'marking' for other purposes during the scanning period.

  • Can I speed up scanning by using more than one computer ?
Yes - (you would need multiple computers each with a barcode scanner)

  • Do I have to close the library during the Stocktake ?
The short answer is no, but ...
BiblioTECH always updates stocktaking info whenever you Loan or Return a resource, therefore, you can make the library resources available to your users even though you are stocktaking.
However, if others are in the library during the time you are scanning resources, you need to take special care to ensure that any resource taken from the shelves is scanned before being returned to the shelves - otherwise it may not get scanned and be reported as 'missing'.

  • Can I add or delete resources during the Stocktake ?
If you Delete a resource, it will no longer appear in the catalogue and will be ignored during Analysis.
If you Add a new resource, make sure you scan it in Stocktake mode before making it available to your users.

  • Can the Stocktake scanning be interrupted ?
Yes - with caveats ...
During Analysis, each resource's LastSeen date is compared against the Stocktake Start Date. If you interrupt the Stocktake, then you just need to ensure the Stocktake Start Date is not changed when the scanning resumes.
However, you need to take special care to ensure that during the break in scanning, resources are not moved around without your knowledge
(also refer above : Do I have to close the library during the Stocktake)

  • Can I re-run the Analysis ?
Yes - definitely
It is quite common in the first run of Analysis for resources to be highlighted as un-accountered for as they were missed during the scanning phase.
You can go back, scan those resources and then re-run the Analysis - you do not need to rescan other resources.
Re-run the Analysis using the same Stocktake Start Date and the newly scanned resources will be accounted for.

  • Can I stocktake two sections of the catalogue?
Yes - definitely
In fact, when Analysing, you can target both sections at once or you can target each section separately.
To do both together, run Analysis and 'mark' both sections
To do separately, run Analysis twice, 'marking' the relevant section each time

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