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Scanning Resources

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This is performed using the Stocktake mode of Circulation

The scanning of resources during a stocktake can be a time consuming process. BiblioTECH 'stocktaking' has been designed to allow the Library to be open to users during the stocktake period. However, if so, you will need to ensure that any resource taken from a shelf is re-scanned before being returned to the shelf.

All resources identified as needing to be included in the stocktake must be identified to the BiblioTECH system. There are a variety of methods by which this can be achieved.

  • Notebook Computer & Wireless Network
    On a notebook computer that can connect to the BiblioTECH server, install the Circulation module. (refer below for usage notes)
    This is the recommended method as it allows direct access to the resources from the portable computer and enables the system to be continuously maintained.

  • Desktop or Notebook Computer Connected to the Network
    On a computer that can connect to the BiblioTECH server, install the Circulation module. (refer below for usage notes)

  • Stand-alone Notebook Computer using the Portable Stocktake Module
    On a notebook computer, install the Portable Stocktake module.
    When scanning is complete, you need to transfer the stocktake information back to a computer with the Circulation module running.
    (refer below for usage notes)

  • Portable Barcode Scanner
    Some Barcode Scanners allow you to scan a number of resources and then to load the list of barcodes into a computer. (refer below for usage notes)
    While BiblioTECH supports this method, it is not recommended.
    There is no immediate feedback, therefore, if a problem does occur (barcode not identified, etc) it can be difficult and time consuming to locate the cause of the problem.

Aside :
It is recommended that three tubs be used as resources are scanned during a Stocktake
  • one for those resources incorrectly shelved
  • one for those needing attention (damaged, etc.).  
  • one placed near the shelves with a sign 'Stocktaking - Do NOT return items to the shelves. Please place in this tub'
By processing the resources placed in the tubs at the end of a Stocktaking session, you will be able to proceed in a steady and systematic manner – completing the Stocktake in a shorter time. The third tub will allow you to manage resoures that otherwise may not be scanned
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