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Retrieving Records

Support > Help > Resource Manager > SCIS - z39.50 Retrieval
You can retrieve SCIS catalogue data when Adding/Editing a Resource record.

In Resource Manager, click on [Add] to add a new record - you will be shown the resource editing panel.
Note : if you use this method when Editing an existing record, the fields provided by SCIS will replace the data already in BiblioTECH.

Enter the target ISBN into the 'ISBN' field by typing or scanning the ISBN barcode.

Click on the [SCIS] button and after a few seconds, the retrieved SCIS catalogue data will be used to populate the BiblioTECH record

Note : In addition to retrieving the textual catalogue information, BiblioTECH will also check and, if available, retrieve the "Cover Image".

Modify any of the fields as required and click on [Save]

If an image was downloaded, you will be asked if you want to use this image for all resources with the same ISBN or just this resource.

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