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Performing a Search

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The BiblioTECH Search module is installed on all BiblioTECH client computers and is used by patrons to locate resources held by the Library.

External Search Engines

  • There are a number of external search engines available. Each of these engines allow a BiblioTECH search request to interogate the local BiblioTECH system and an external database.

  • When installed on the BiblioTECH server, the Search module will display the list of engines available.

  • When you click on the [Search] button, the system will search those engines which are selected.

  • The results from the selected engines will be merged. (Refer Sorting)

General Search Information
A search request in BiblioTECH consists of one to four search "terms". Each term can be a word (whole or part) or a phrase (text within double quotes). When more than one term is entered, the search system will perform a ‘Boolean’ search for resources that match the request. In the Results panel, the search terms will be highlighted in

In the above example, the system found those resources that contained skeleton.

Case In-Sensitive
All searching in the BiblioTECH Search module is case-insensitive. That is, searching for Cat would find resources that contain    cat,  Cat  or  CAT.

Requesting a Search
When typing a request, a Search will be initiated by pressing the key or by clicking on the Search button.
Note:  The results panel will not change until the next search is initiated.
Clearing Search
When a search has been completed, click on the Clear button or press  ALT-E  to reset all search parameters back to their defaults.
Note:  If there is no activity for 10 minutes, the Clear button will automatically be pressed.

Search Mode
There are three search modes which affect how a search is conducted. As search terms are entered, the search request will be analysed and the display will show how it has been interpreted.   

Searching for cat would find

Anywhere in Word


à   would find cat,  catalogue &  scatter

Start of Word


à   would find cat & catalogue

Whole Word


à   would find cat

Hide Copies
By default, the system will only display the details of the first copy of each resource found – other copies are hidden.
Fields that are Searched
By default, BiblioTECH will search "All Fields". This does not mean "every" resource field. The Librarian can adjust which fields are actually included in the "All Fields" option. This allows a librarian to not include fields that may result in spurious results

You can select which field is searched for each of the search terms.

Saving the Results of a Search
To save the results of a search to a file. On the File menu select Save Results. The Save dialog provides two options  -

TXT (Tab delimited ASCII text format), and
CSV (Comma Separated Values - ASCII text format)

Printing the Results of a Search
If printing is enabled (see Options below), then under the File menu select Print Results.

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