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Patron Import - Overview

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Patron Manager provides two methods of maintaining patron records...
  • manual updating using the Patron TAB
  • importing information from a file
    This facility is ideal for adding and/or updating a large number of Patron records in a semi-automated manner.

The Importer
  • reads patron information from a file
  • maintains ‘mappings’ which identify which import fields should be placed into identified BiblioTECH fields
  • uses the mappings to display how the import information will be interpreted
  • performs matching of import records to BiblioTECH Patron records
  • updates those matched records
  • moves un-matched BT8 Patrons into the group $UnMatched
    (except those in groups containing staff, teacher or other)

Obtaining the Import File
Almost every site implements an administration system that maintains a list of people. (Eg in Victoria, Government schools use the CASES system). These systems are able to export a list of people with relevent details. The Librarian would need to to arrange with their Office staff to prepare the file by exporting the relevant information from the Administration system.

The Patron Import facility will perform a significant update to the library system data. It is highly recommended that a backup is performed prior to commencing the process.

Opening the Importer
In Patron Manager, select the menu  File -> Import/Update Patrons ...
  • Select the target import file
  • If a mapping exists for that file type, it will be displayed on the left-hand panel
  • If this needs adjusting, click on [Adjust]
  • The first record in the file (as interpreted using the mapping) will be displayed in the centre panel
  • Select the desired matching methods (generally you would leave as the default)
  • If all OK, click on [Auto-Match]

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