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Patron Import - File Content

Support > Help > Patron Manager > Importing Patron Data
The import file will consist of rows and columns.

  • Each row will contain the data for a single patron
    The first row must contain the column names - these must NOT be empty and must be unique
    An empty row will flag the end of data - so do NOT leave empty rows within the import file

  • Each column will contain the data for a particular field
    The columns can be in any order

The file can contain numerous columns. You can adjust the Mapping to import as many of the columns as required.
You do not have to import all column data - columns not included in the Mapping will be ignored.

The "minimal" import file must contain columns containing the following information ...
  • AdminID
  • Family Name
  • Given Name
  • Gender
  • Group
  • Level

Sample Import File
  • The column names do not have to be the same as BiblioTECH field names - they can be anything as long as the actual column name is mapped to the appropriate BiblioTECH field.

  • The Importer does its data allocation based on column names (and the mapping) so column order is not important

  • Patron matching determines which BiblioTECH patron is updated for each row, therefore the data does not need to be sorted in any patron order

  • Importing stops at the first empty row - do not leave any empty rows in the middle of the data
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