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Letter Report Template

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When BibloTECH is generating a Letter report, it uses Microsoft Office to Mail-Merge the information into the actual letters

This Mail-Merge required two files, namely
  • a data document
This is built from the data gathered for the report
  • a master templet
This is retrieved from the BiblioTECH server

If you need to modify what the letter contains (either layout or text), you need to modify the server's master template document.

Open System Utilities
    • select the Reports Management --> Letter Reports  panel
    • select that target report which requires modification
    • click [Edit] - the template document will be opened in Microsoft Word
    • edit the document as required
      Note  Do not modify any of the field designators (eg.  <<title>> )
              These are used as place-holders into which BiblioTECH will insert the requisite data values
    • you can add modify any other text, spacing or style (font,bold,italic, etc)
    • you can add, replace or remove any images (eg. the logo displayed)
      Note  As this logo is repeated in every letter, keep the size of the image as small as possible
              Also, if you will not be printing in colour, use a monochrome image
    • Save the document (make sure it is in Word 2003 format (ie a .DOC  and not a  .DOCX file)
    • Close Microsoft Word
    • You will be asked if you really want to save this amended document and the master template for this report
    • If OK, click on yes and the updated DOC file will be uploaded to the BT server

Once complete, re-open Report Manager and run the letter report. It will now use the new template file

If the result is not as expected, you can repeat the above process, modifying the template document as required.
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