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Database Repair

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If the BiblioTECH server is unexpectedly shut-down (usually resulting from a power failure) it is possible that the BiblioTECH database may become corrupt.

After this, there can be a number of symptoms that could arise.
  • server services not starting
  • clients not connecting
  • clients not able to perform specific tasks

The database can be repaired using our "BT8repair" utility

On the BiblioTECH server,
  • download the utility
    As some sites cannot download an EXE file, the utility has been compressed into a ZIP file.
    Once downloaded, extract the utility from the downloaded ZIP file to a convenient location

  • Stop all BiblioTECH services

  • copy the files in the following folder to another location (do NOT copy any sub-folders)

  • run the utility which will ...
      • create a "time-stamped" sub-folder   PreRepair_yyyymmddhhnn
      • process each database table file
          • copies the table file into the above folder with the prefix "original_"
          • creates a new empty table
          • processes all of the records in the original table
            'good' records are transferred
            'dud' records are logged
      • when done it will display the counts of original, 'good' and 'dud' records

  • Start Task Manager and monitor CPU usage (under "Performance")

  • Start the BiblioTECH "Database" and "Communications" services

When the CPU usage drops to a consistent value less than 10%, you can start a client to verify all is well
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