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Over time, the entries in the Resource records can become messy.
eg.    a GMD of    Fiction, FICTION, fiction, etc

BiblioTECH provides a tool whereby such situations can be 'normalised' so that the record entries are consistent.

Open Resource Manager, then select the menu  Actions --> Global Field Updater ...
Please note the displayed warning, this utility will mass-update your records

  • Select the desired field and enter some text to search by.
    (in the example, the GMD field was selected and the text   f   was entered
    Even though there may be many 'case' variations (ie. Fiction FICTION, etc) only the first found will be displayed
    When you perform the update, all variations will be changed.
  • Click on the target entry to select it
  • Enter the replacement text
  • Click on [Find First]
    You can update selectively
      -  click on [Update] if required, then [Find Next]
    or all records
     -  click on [Update All]
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