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BiblioTECH can store and then display a Cover Image whenever the catalogue record is displayed.
Images of resources (eg book cover images) are usually subject to copyright restrictions and while BiblioTECH provides the technical platform, it does not provide any licencing in relation to the use of such images.

Librarians must ascertain that they have the right to use any particular image.

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS) provide their customers with a licence to utilise certain cover images.
Cover images can be loaded into the BiblioTECH Library System in a number of ways.

If Adding/Editing a resource record ...
  • a Cover Image can be manually loaded from a file.
  • if you download a catalogue record using the [SCIS button], the system will automatically try to also retrieve the corresponding Cover Image

When you click on [Save] and a new image has been loaded ...
If you have entered an ISBN, you will be asked if the image can be tied to all resources that have the same a specific ISBN.
Alternatively, the image is to be tied to the specific resource

In Resource Manager, under the File menu, there is an option to reload any missing images
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