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Client Startup

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The BiblioTECH Client consists of a number of modules.
The Search module is mandatory and will be present on all BiblioTECH Client computers.
Other modules are optional.

When you launch the BiblioTECH Client, it will :-

  • perform basic housekeeping

  • establish communciations with the BiblioTECH server

  • install/upgrade the Menu Manager (if a new version is available on the BiblioTECH server)

  • install/upgrade the Search Client (if a new version is available on the BiblioTECH server)

  • check if any modules other than Search are installed on the computer.

if Search is the only module, Search will be auto-started, otherwise, the BiblioTECH Menu Manager will be displayed.


  • The auto-update feature requires that the MS-Windows User Account used to login to the computer has the required permissions to update the files in the BiblioTECH folders
  • If any BiblioTECH module detects that the available version on the server is different than that on the client computer, an alert will be shown.
    This is generally caused by an incomplete update of the BiblioTECH server or security settings preventing the auto-update features of the BiblioTECH client software

In addition to providing the actual menu, the Menu Manager is responsible for ensuring all locally installed modules are upgraded
(if newer versions are available on the BiblioTECH server).


  • Icons will only be displayed for those client modules which have been installed on the local computer.

  • While it is possible to setup desktop icons for the individual BiblioTECH modules directly (rather than using the BiblioTECH Menu) This is NOT a good idea as it will effectively bypass the client auto-update processes.

  • If only Search is installed, the Client Launcher will auto-start Search and not display the menu.

  • You can force the menu to display by holding down the Ctrl key until the Menu Manager has started

Installing Additional Modules
If the only client module currently  installed is the BiblioTECH Search module, the Menu will not be shown - Search will be automatically opened.

In this case you must force the Menu to show ...

  • Locate the BibioTECH Launcher icon and click once to select it

  • Hold the [Control] key down and press the [Enter] key. Keep holding the [Control] key down until the Menu appears.

To install/remove BiblioTECH modules, in the Menu Manager, select the File à Install menu option

After entering a password with sufficient rights, the client module installer will be displayed

Install or Remove modules as desired by clicking on the buttons.
Click on the Done button when finished.

Module Status Bar
Each main client module includes a status bar along the bottom of the window. This displays the current BiblioTECH time and the BiblioTECH License status.

BiblioTECH System Information
Help - About menu option provides a panel detailing information about the BiblioTECH installation. A further panel, providing more detailed technical information, is available by clicking on the [System Details] button

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