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The BiblioTECH Library System is very flexible in its handling of barcodes.

  • barcodes can be used for both resources and patrons
  • you do not need to allocate a barcode to every resource or patron
  • barcodes must be unique across the system
  • barcodes can contain letters or numbers in any order
  • BiblioTech does implement any structure embedded in the format
  • barcodes are case insensitive
  • barcodes can be from 1 to 25 characters in length
  • you can utilise a mix of barcode layouts
  • if you update BiblioTECH Patron records using data from an Administration system, you can use the Adminstrative ID as the patron's barcode (providing that it would be unique within the Library System)

Obtaining new Barcodes
BiblioTECH International Pty. Ltd. does not supply pre-printed barcode labels

  • The BiblioTECH Library System can print its own sheets of Barcodes via System Utilities –> General –> Barcodes
    This option requires that you have purchased the self-adhesive sheets (Avery DL-30 or equivalent)
    These are printed one sheet at a time – 30 labels per sheet

  • Alternatively, you can purchase “commercial grade” barcodes
    You buy these barcodes by quantity – the more you buy, the cheaper they become "per label"
    Once you purchase a block of barcodes, the company will remember the type and sequence numbers used - in the future, when you reorder another block, they will ensure that you are not provided with duplicates

    There are numerous companies that supply pre-printed barcodes
    One com
    pany that supplies barcodes targeted at libraries is ABnote (

Labels printed using BiblioTECH cost around 3-4 cents per label (depends on which sheets you buy and the type of printer you have.
The labels are cheaper than commercial grade labels but over time they can “rub” which means that you may need to replace them after a couple of years.

Commercial labels are much more robust but will cost a little more

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