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Analysis Report

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This is performed in the Resources Manager module under the Actions menu.

During the Analysis stage, BiblioTECH will only review marked resources and will assume that any resources that are out-on-loan, have no barcode or have already been marked as “lost” are not to be included in the Report.

Analysis is a three step process ...
  1. Unmark ALL Resources
    Use the Un-Mark All Resources menu option to ensure that any previous “marks” that may have been present will be cleared.

  2. Mark those Resources in the Stocktake
    For those sections of the Library identified at Step 1, you will need to “mark” all the Resources. Sort, select a Range and choose Mark

    Whichever method you use, select the Marked View and review the resources that you have marked. The analysis results depend on this being accurate.

  3. Generate the Stocktake Report
    Select the Analyse Stocktake … menu option. This will check every resource that is marked. The resource will be un-marked if it ...
      • was ‘seen’ during the stocktake
      • has no barcode (ie. a virtual item)
      • is currently out-on-loan
      • is already marked as ‘lost’

As the Analysis process un-marks resources it can account for, those remaining marked are considered not accounted for and may be lost.

The analysis will produce a summary display (which you should print) and a detailed report - saved as the file STOCKTAKE_DETAILS.CSV.
The detailed report will include details of all resources that remain marked at the end of the analysis (that is, all resources considered missing)

When you initiate the Analysis, you will be prompted for the folder where the file will be saved. After the analysis, these can be opened for review (eg using MS Excel).

The analysis will then proceed …

When completed, the summary report will be displayed for printing.

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